Get Started

There are several things you must do as soon as you join the course.

This website is the official syllabus of the course. You should explore it fully. We recommend that you explore all of the links from the navigation bar at the top. With that said, there are several things that you must do before the second week of class.

While most of the lectures will be posted asynchronously on the lessons page, the scheduled class meetings (both lectures and discussion) will by synchronous zoom meetings. The correct Zoom link for each can be found by clicking on the Where link in the tables on the sections page.

Enroll in Piazza

Piazza is the online discussion form that we will use to answer questions all semester long. At any time you can access Piazza either from the Resources menu or the Piazza icon at the bottom of the page.

Complete Survey 0

This class has several surveys that count towards your participation grade. These surveys are in CMS, which is what we will use instead of Canvas for submitting your work. At any time you can access CMS either from the Resources menu or the CMS icon at the bottom of the page.

Complete the AI Quiz

Academic Integrity is a very serious issue. We have a very detailed policy about what does and does not constitute cheating in this course. You are expected to read this policy and complete a reading quiz about it in CMS. If you do not complete the quiz satisfactorily by the end of add-period, you may be dropped from the course.

Complete Lab 0

This course has bi-weekly labs, but do them you must have Python on your machine. That the purpose of the 0th lab – getting you ready for the real labs. You should install Python following the instructions on this website. Then you should go the online lab system and answer the questions for Lab 0. Ideally, you should work on this before the first lab.